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The Finnish Neurosurgical Society was established in 1956 as a common forum for neurosurgeons and physicians from other related specialties, to promote the development of neurosurgery and an-cillary fields in Finland (population 5.5 million) and to advance the professional interests of physicians in these fields.

The Finnish Neurosurgical Society currently has 136 members (107 active neurosurgeons or neurosurgical residents). The Society has an Executive Board, with representatives from each of Finland's neurosurgical centers at the five University Hospitals with their own catchment areas (population responsibility).

The Board is responsible to the Annual Meeting, which is held each November. The Society has a Research Fund and annually awards research stipends for PhD graduates. The Society usually holds a neurosurgical session in the Finnish Medicine Congress each January and/or during the 'Operative days' each November in Helsinki. Most members have also joined the Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society, and individual membership of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies is encouraged. The Society also selects representatives to the Finnish Physicians' Union.

President: Timo Koivisto, Secretary: Olli-Pekka Kämäräinen



2013-2017 Leena Kivipelto MD PhD
2010-2013 Matti Seppälä MD PhD
2007-2010 Juha Öhman MD PhD
2004-2007 Mika Niemelä MD PhD
2001-2004 Jaakko Rinne MD PhD
1999-2001 Juha E Jääskeläinen MD PhD
1996-1999 John Koivukangas MD PhD
1993-1996 Göran Blomstedt MD PhD
1991-1993 Juha Hernesniemi MD PhD
1987-1991 Timo Kuurne MD PhD
1984-1987 Simo Valtonen MD PhD
1980-1983 Matti Vapalahti MD PhD
1977-1980 Henry Troupp MD PhD
1975-1977 Tapio Törmä MD PhD
1972-1975 Olli Heiskanen MD PhD
1970-1972 Lauri Laitinen MD PhD
1966-1970 Teuvo Mäkelä MD
1957-1966 Gunnar af Björkensten MD PhD
1956-1957 Aarno Snellman MD PhD